We build modern software for modern manufacturers.

We are a team of experienced manufacturing people, supply-chain practicioners, software developers, and support specialists focused entirely on building best-in-class tools for manufacturing professionals.

We serve a global customer base of leading manufacturers and their suppliers from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our mission

Why we started, and where we are going...

Manufacturing is inherently a group effort - one that requires significant coordination, communication, and collaboration between team members.

But those team members are not all part of the same company. Instead, they are spread across large supply-bases, with many geographic, communication, and other practical gaps between them.

And while there is an over-abundance of 'collaboration' tools on the market today, they are all designed for improving the efficiency of internal teams, not for connecting internal teams with their external suppliers.

As a result, teams resort to using the lowest-common-denominator solutions for sharing information amd working across this internal/supplier gap: Excel and email. Decent tools for some things... but certainly not for collaboration.

ERP platforms may allow some supplier access, but they are for record-keeping, not collaborating.

PLM, QMS, and other function-specific software is similar - they are built as data repositories first, with any collaboration features as a fleeting afterthought, if considered at all.

Quite simply, there are no existing solutions on the market to actually improve how internal teams collaborate and get work done with their suppliers.

And that's exactly what we've set out to change.

In our vision of the future of manufacturing, internal teams will be able to accomplish work with their suppliers just like they are close colleagues in the same company.

Managing projects, assigning tasks, tracking action items, organizing workflows — across the internal / supplier divide — becomes easy, clear, and more efficient.

Companies are able to get to market faster, with less quality issues, and hit all production targets.

Collaboration across the internal/supplier gap becomes effortless and the team can actually act as one.

It's a bold vision that certainly requires a lot of change - but it's the challenge that drives us every day.

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  • Mark Hamblin


    Mark is a trained mechanical engineer and has spent over 20 years in high-tech manufacturing.

    He started his career doing product design and manufacturing development at Apple, then as founder/CEO of a successful touch technology company.

    He is a self-proclaimed manufacturing nerd and self-taught software developer.

  • Karl Johan Clausen


    Karl has spent over 10 years in supply-chain, logistics, and B2B SaaS startups.

    He started his career working closely with large industrial manufacturers on their international logistics, and went on to build and manage well-respected teams in fast-growing startups.

    He gets a lot of joy out of listening to customers, and their digitalization journey.