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Industrial manufacturing demands precision, efficiency, and strong supplier collaboration.

At Supplios, we have developed a supplier portal software platform designed to empower industrial manufacturers and streamline critical supplier related workflows.

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Supplier Management for Manufacturing

Supplios improves supplier collaboration across all departments, plants, and teams.

Break down internal silos, implement a supplier system-of-record, and move faster, together.

Supplier Quality
  • Quality Complaints
  • 8D / SCARs
  • NCMR Containment
  • RFQs / RFPs
  • Cost Breakdowns
  • Price updates
Supplier Development
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • ISO 9001 certificates
  • KPIs & Reporting
  • NPI Sourcing
  • DFM Reviews
  • ECO / ECR

SRM Platform

Efficient global supplier management

Supplios empowers industrial manufacturers with unprecedented control and visibility over their supplier network.

From streamlining supplier onboarding, sourcing, monitoring supplier performance and compliance, our user-friendly platform simplifies supplier management for smooth operations.

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Supplier Collaboration

Fast & clear supplier collaboration

In the fast-paced industrial manufacturing landscape, real-time collaboration is essential.

Supplios facilitates seamless communication, document sharing, and quick responses, ensuring faster and better supplier collaboration.

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Supplier Quality

Integrated supplier quality and compliance management

Quality is highly important in industrial manufacturing.

Supplios equips manufacturers with tools to assess supplier performance, maintain quality standards, and meet industry compliance requirements.

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Secure and scalable platform

Our platform is built on a robust foundation, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

The platform scales effortlessly to accommodate expanding supplier networks and your future needs.

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