Why Supplios?

Most business software you're used to — ERP, MES, QMS, PLM — are big, clunky, slow, painful to use, and even more painful to implement for your company's unique requirements.

Supplios is a bit different.

It's a modern, easy-to-use, easy-to-implement platform, built from the ground up for the unique needs of industrial manufacturers.

Built for manufacturing

Supplios is a specialized platform, purpose-built for the manufacturing industry and direct-material supplier management.

The workflows, the terminology, the key use-cases, and even our roadmap, are all centered around manufacturing.

Deep industry expertise

Our team deeply understands manufacturing and supply-chain.

The founding team has decades of experience building, managing, and being a key part of global manufacturing supply-chains.

Built for collaboration

Most legacy business software is built for storing and controlling data - not collaborating and sharing.

As a modern software platform, Supplios is built with a collaboration-first approach, with a strong focus on usability.

Designed to be customized

We designed the platform to accommodate highly custom workflows, business processes, system integrations, and custom data.

So the platform can adapt to your needs - not the other way around.

Easy to implement

Get started quickly - without the big implementation project, IT burden, or set-up fees.

New Supplios accounts come with many common workflows pre-configured, and our team works with you to onboard your entire team (and suppliers!).

Works with existing systems

Supplios can integrate with your existing tools - ERP, PLM, QMS, and more - and we'll help you do it.

Our API-first and cloud-based architecture will also be easy for your internal IT team, if needed.

Ready to check it out?

Get a live demo and trial account.

We'll help you set things up, show you around, then let you and your team kick the tires.