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About Us

Supplios is on a mission to modernize the world of manufacturing and drastically improve how companies work with their suppliers.

Manufacturing and supply-chain may sound boring to some, but its an absolutely huge market in desperate need of solutions to make things work faster, better, and easier. Paper documents, Excel files, and emails are still how almost anything gets done, especially when sharing things between internal teams and suppliers.

We're out to change that...

Our delightful, easy-to-use, and deceptively powerful platform is a breath of fresh air for our users.

We automate all the boring parts of our users' day-to-day work, letting them focus on more important things. Things like getting bids and quotes from suppliers, tracking quality issues, managing vendor paperwork... all the things software can do well, and humans don't like doing.

And we have a lot of fun building it too.

We're based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but we're looking for people anywhere in the world!

We have an informal culture, very accommodating schedules, and we like to laugh... and make customers smile.

About You

Are you looking for an opportunity where you can take on a lot of responsibility, own large parts of the product and business yourself, and really put your stamp on things? If so... great!

We're currently looking for people in these general areas:

  • Frontend development (VueJS)
  • Backend development (Python / Django)
  • Customer technical support (US / Europe time zones)
  • Sales / BDR / Account Execs (US / Europe)

We're open to people anywhere in the world, especially in development roles.

Check out our open positions -- or just drop us a line at and let us know how you can help!