Supplier Relationship Management Software

SRM software for the complete manufacturing lifecycle

Supplios helps you track all supplier data, manufacturing capabilities, contact windows, all in a centralized system-of-record.

From onboarding to NPI to mass production, share the right information with your entire organization so you can stay coordinated and move fast.

Supplier Management Overview

Cross-Functional Supplier Management

A modern platform for supplier management

Managing suppliers efficiently is critical for any manufacturer, Supplios helps you do this with the easiest-to-use SRM system on the market.

360° supplier view

Integrated 360° view of each supplier in one place

Track master data

Track supplier capabilities, qualifications, certifications, equipment & more.

Supplier self-updates

Supplier editable data for accurate, easy updates

2-way ERP sync

Works with your ERP for one-way or 2-way sync

Capabilities & Categories

Categorize suppliers in unlimited custom dimensions

Track the capabilities, services, equipment, and internal status of your suppliers in completely customizable dimesions that suit your business.

Allow suppliers to self-manage their own categories and capabilities, or keep certain categories hidden from supplier view.

The Supplios platform then lets you use these supplier categories throughout all parts of the platform — determining conditional logic in approval workflows, deciding who can and cannot be included in new RFQs, and more.

Simple-to-use, but incredibly powerful.

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