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Supplios gives you superpowers for Vendor Management, Bid Management, and Vendor Compliance.

So you can stay on budget & on schedule without breaking a sweat.

Construction vendor management software

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RFP & Bid Automation

More vendors, lower bids, faster action.

Send out complete bid packages to new and existing suppliers with a couple mouse clicks, then let our software manage gathering, organizing, and analyzing all the responses.

From simple one-time jobs to complex big-ticket RFPs, Supplios can handle them all.

Keep records of all past bids, organized by project, by vendor, and by job category.

No more juggling Excel spreadsheets, lost emails, and other wasted administrative overhead.

RFP and Bid Automation for Construction

Vendor Portal

Centralized hub for all your vendors.

Cut down on administrative burden by providing an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage web portal for all your vendors.

Submitting bids, uploading insurance records and other onboarding paperwork -- all things that happen automatically through the vendor portal.

You can even provide an open listing of all projects and jobs you have open for bidding so you can increase competition and lower your project costs.

Running public open bidding is now a breeze, and can be turned on/off per project by clicking one button.

Vendor Portal and Vendor Management Software

Easy to Use

Save your office staff 5+ hours per week, per person.

Managing vendors and subcontractors has always taken a lot of time... but we're making that way better.

With Supplios, your existing team can now handle a much bigger project load, allowing you to take on new projects and expand your subcontractor base.

Your team will love it, and your vendors will too.

Vendor Management Form Builder

Why Supplios?

►  Built for vendor-critical businesses.

Supplios is 100% focused on creating powerful tools for businesses that count on their vendors every single day.

Our entire vendor management system, user-interface, and software structure is setup for this, unlike any other system in the industry.

►  Keep records of all past bids, automatically.

Track all past bids by project, vendor, material, and job type in Supplios' built-in procurement database.

ERP systems may tell you what you actually spent, but Supplios can tell you your savings, and track all past bids, whether you selected that vendor or not.

►  Boost efficiency with automation.

Let software handle all the mundane parts of procurement and vendor management so you can focus on what matters.

Stop trying to track everything in a mess of spreadsheets & emails.

►  Drive down costs. Immediately.

Get more bids, from more vendors, on more projects and jobs. More competition = lower costs.

Get results starting from your first sourcing event, and start seeing meaningful results on your bottom line.

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