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Supplios gives you superpowers for Sourcing, Supplier Performance Management, and Supply-Chain Compliance.

So you can stay ahead of the competition.

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Ready to scale your sourcing and supplier management?

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Sourcing Automation

More suppliers, lower quotes, faster action.

Launch pro-level RFQ and RFPs to your global supply-base in record time.

From simple one-item RFQs, to complex RFPs for major manufacturing projects, Supplios can handle them all.

Attach CAD files, technical documents, and other Engineering files directly the digital RFx, ready for download by your suppliers.

Get notified of responses in real-time, and compare vendors side-by-side with our automated analysis tools.

No more juggling Excel spreadsheets or wasted administrative overhead.

RFP RFQ and Sourcing Automation Software

Supplier Portal

Centralized, efficient Supplier communications.

Quit spending your time chasing suppliers for follow-up on quotes, 8D reports, and other "to-do" items. Let our software handle that.

Supplios gives you your own company-branded vendor portal where vendors will submit bids, submit their information, and sign your contracts.

Our integrated supplier email system gives you even more superpowers not available anywhere else.

Supplios Vendor Portal Software

Easy to Use

Save 5+ hours per week, per person. And get more done.

In the fast-moving electronics, semiconductor, and high-tech industries, Operations and Supply-Chain teams are often stuck shouldering many new burdens.

Trade wars. Global pandemics. New regulations. Natural disasters.

Supplios is here to help with that.

Our goal from day one has been to boost the productivity for people like you on the supplier-side of these businesses, and our suite of tools delivers on that.

Supplios RFQ and RFP Form Builder

Why Supplios?

►  Built for direct material procurement.

Supplios is 100% focused on creating powerful tools for direct material sourcing, procurement, and supply-chain teams.

Our entire RFQ system, user-interface, and software structure is setup for this, unlike any other system in the industry.

►  Track individual item costs over time.

Track all materials, components, and even indirect materials in Supplios' built-in item database.

This allows you to track quotes over time on the same item, no matter how many RFQs it was part of.

►  Boost efficiency with automation.

Let software handle all the mundane parts of sourcing and supplier management so you can focus on what matters.

Stop trying to track everything in a mess of spreadsheets & emails.

►  Drive down costs. Immediately.

Get more bids, from more suppliers, on more sourced items. More competition = lower costs.

Get results on your first sourcing event & easily get competitive bids to keep your current suppliers honest.

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