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Our thoughts on direct material procurement, sourcing, and supply chain management for fast-moving companies.

Consolidating all Supplier Spend: Still a Good Idea for OEMs?

The post-pandemic "new normal" requires a new playbook for building efficient supply-chains.

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9 Quick Tips For Writing an Effective RFP

The Request for Proposal is a powerful tool with a specific job to do. Follow these quick suggestions to make it even more effective.

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12 Ways Direct Material Procurement Is Different Than Indirect

Direct material procurement has its own unique set of challenges, especially during times of global uncertainty.

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Direct vs. Indirect Materials in Procurement: What's More Challenging?

Let's look at the similarities, differences, and challenges between direct and indirect material procurement, and what that means for procurement professionals.

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RFP vs RFQ vs RFI - What Do They Mean, and What Is the Difference?

You're about to write a Request for X... what's the right name to use, and does it matter?

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